Over the years Wormticklers Founder Jordan Sly has caught up many tastemakers, enthusiasts and organic growers in the industry to share his knowledge and passion for what he does. Check out just a few of Jordan's appearances below to learn more about organic and chemical-free planting and growing.


WATCH: Cooks Co-op: How to grow a chemical-free kitchen garden feat. Jordan Sly 

Martin Boetz at the Cooks Co-op farm, meets up with Jordan Sly from Wormticklers – an organic seedling nursery. The duo discuss the benefits of planting a chemical-free garden, how to avoid the ongoing use of chemicals, companion planting for the prevention of pests and garden design basics. 

LISTEN: The Producers Podcast Feat. Jordan Sly, Wormticklers

After building a career in the hospitality sector, Jordan Sly (Worm Ticklers) had a yearning for a greater connection to produce. He set himself a mission to grow the best quality organic seedlings and he’s now become one of the most important parts in the organic food chain on the east coast of Australia. 


WATCH: Better Homes & Gardens Feat. Jordan Sly, Wormticklers

Graham visits WormTicklers, in Sydney, where Jordan shows you everything from chemical-free seedlings to seasonal herbs, vegies and companion plants. Read the full article here